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Laos Visa Requirements to Visit Kong Lo Cave

June 13th, 2011
f you're looking to get off the beaten path in Laos, Matador Travel has an excellent recommendation: a visit to Kong Lo Cave in Phu Hin Bun National Park. About 7 hours away from Vientiane if you're lucky, Kong Lo Cave was carved from the surrounding rock by an underground river. For a fee, you can tour the cave by boat, descending into the bowels of the earth and coming out the other side about 7 kilometers later. This video shows the end of one such boat ride. Matador describes the ride into the cave as "like entering a mouth — stalactites like teeth, and the feeling that you’re going inside, riding inside, the body of the earth, organs frozen rock-hard. My torch casts a feeble glow into the black; mist rises from the water like ghosts." On the other side, if you're so inclined,


Southeast Asia Considers Introducing One Travel Visa to Rule Them All

March 24th, 2011
Right now, planning a tour of Southeast Asia requires more research and paperwork than a tour of Europe. Each country has its own travel visa requirements for tourists, ranging from relatively permissive (Thailand) to restrictive bureaucratic spiderwebs like those in Vietnam. In as little as 5 years, though, that may change. As part of its strategic plan to encourage tourism in member countries, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) is trying to introduce one travel visa to rule them all: a Schengen-like visa that would allow tourists to travel effortlessly between countries such as Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Brunei. Stuart McDonald of told the Inquirer Global Nation that visa regulat


Laos Visa Requirements to Visit the Plain of Jars

March 6th, 2011
Deep in the heart of Laos, there is a large open plateau dotted with stone jars that date back to the Iron Age. Some of these jars are immense -- the largest is almost 10 feet high! Nobody is quite sure where these unusual relics came from. According to this post on Environmental Graffiti, local tradition is that the jars were either used to by giants to brew rice wine or were placed on the plain to store water for thirsty travelers. However, the scientific consensus is that they were used in ancient burial rites. Cremated remains have been found inside some of the jars, though interestingly, unburned bodies have been found buried outside of the jars as well. It seems likely that this is because different burial practices existed for different social classes, with elites being cre


5 Reasons to Get a Laos Visa

February 20th, 2011
After decades of war, Laos is slowly but surely picking up and moving on, and the country is now being discovered by increasing numbers of Western tourists. Here are 5 great reasons to get a Laos visa and go see this beautiful country while it's still relatively undiscovered: 1. Luang Prabang: Walking into this gorgeous little town is like stepping into the past. Picture-perfect, flower-strewn landscapes combine with charming buildings and serene temples to create an enchanting travel experience. 2. The Plain of Jars: Thousands of ancient stone jars carved from local boulders dot this mysterious landscape. Who made them, and why? Just as with Stonehenge, the answers are lost in time, though the number of human remains and grave goods found in nearby excavations implies that they mus


Laos Visa Requirements for a Honeymoon in Luang Prabang

November 28th, 2010
Matador Travel recently named Luang Prabang in Laos as one of the top 25 honeymoon destinations in the world, calling it "the most romantic town in Southeast Asia." Laos may seem like an unlikely destination for a honeymoon, but visiting Luang Prabang is like stepping back in time. According to TravelDudes, there are no modern buildings-every structure in the city exhibits the charm of days gone by. Possible romantic excursions for you and your sweetheart include visiting the many temples scattered throughout the city, especially Wat Xieng Thong, the Golden City Temple. There are markets for souvenir shopping, excellent food, and natural attractions like the Kuang Si Falls and the Pak Ou Caves. When it comes to accommodations, Luang Prabang has lots of small hotels, many located alon


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