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How to Apply for a Chinese Business Visa

January 25th, 2014
If a business trip to China is on your calendar, getting a Chinese visa should be your top priority. Here's what you need to know before you apply. China Business Visa M Requirements Most business travelers to China will need to apply for an "M" visa. However, you may need to apply for a different category depending on the type of work you do and the details of your trip, so do consult with the appropriate Chinese consulate or with a visa specialist. The following items will be needed for your business visa to China. Visa Submission Appointment Prior to submitting your visa request, yourself or your inviting organization in China must obtain a submission appointment on your behalf. China Visa eApplication One China Visa Application, completed online and printed single sided. Applica


Travel Visa Service: 4 Countries Worth The Money

December 17th, 2013
Applying for a travel visa for one of the countries on this list? You'll probably want to seek professional help with the application process from an experienced group of experts. India Currently, India's visa system is complex and can be confusing, even if you're just going as a tourist. In fact, the US Department of State notes that "Indian visa regulations change frequently, often with little advance notice, and changes may be poorly advertised and inconsistently enforced." With 16 different types of Indian visas to choose from with varying requirements, and a sometimes nit-picky application process, it helps to have a professional visa expediter to guide you through the process and act as your advocate. China With an alphabet soup of different visa types, you need to make sure y


Uganda Visa Requirements: Check the Expiration Date on Your Passport!

April 9th, 2010
Why get help from a professional visa expediting company when you apply for a visa? Consider the case of Mr. Charles Herman.  Last summer, Mr. Herman planned a trip to Uganda to attend a friend's wedding.  However, getting there proved to be more of a hassle then he bargained for. According to the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Herman checked the Uganda visa requirements at the US Department of State web site. He saw that he could get a Uganda visa at the airport on arrival and that his passport needed to be valid for three months after his arrival date. He figured he was set. However, when he went to the airport, he was not allowed on his flight. Uganda actually requires that your passport be valid for 6 months after the date you enter the country. Mr. Herman was able to make it to his frie


Without Russian Visas, Couple Almost Misses Honeymoon

November 17th, 2009
A newlywed couple almost missed out on an $2,000 honeymoon in St. Petersburg, Russia because they tried to fly without first obtaining Russian visas for the trip. According to this story in USA Today, Bethany Thomas and Dmitri Zagidulin booked the Russian honeymoon via Expedia. They weren't sure if they needed visas or not, but the Expedia travel agent assured them they didn't.  The newlyweds didn't even know that they had a problem until they got to Frankfurt and were not allowed to get on board the plane into Russia.  To add insult to injury, their luggage was sent on to St. Petersburg, and all Expedia would do to fix the situation was offer them a $100 hotel credit. Not cool! Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending, thanks largely to the magic of Facebook and Twitter. T