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Algerian Visa Requirements to Rock the Casbah

December 5th, 2010
This week's featured UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in Algeria. Algeria's Casbah is the oldest part of the city of Algiers. It has been inhabited since at least the 6th century BC, and in the 16th century it was the capital of the famous Muslim pirate Khair-al-Din, otherwise known as "Barbarossa" or Redbeard. According to Lonely Planet, Barbarossa took control of the city after the people, sick and tired of their Spanish overlords trying to convert them to Christianity, declared themselves subjects of the Ottoman Empire and begged him to throw the Spanish out and claim the city for the Sultan. Built on a hill that overlooks the sea, the city today is mostly residential. Although Algiers is planning to restore the area, many, many of the buildings are in disrepair and the area i


Algerian Visa Hassles Leave “Art of Nonconformity” Author Guessing About His Next Destination

August 3rd, 2010
Poor Chris Guillebeau! After 3 tries, he finally managed to get the necessary visa to get into Belarus, but according to his blog, now the Algerian visa system is wreaking havoc with his plan to visit every country in the world: I have a ticket for Algeria and a hotel reservation in Algiers, both of which were required to apply for a visa in Washington, D.C. two weeks ago. The whole point of this trip is to go to Belarus and Algeria, two countries that are relatively difficult to get to. The problem is, I still have no Algerian visa, and my duplicate passport is still in Washington as I fly off to Europe with my regular passport. So, what's next? Depends on whether or not Algeria issues him a visa in a timely fashion. If they do, the visa service he's working with will overnight it to


Algeria Visa Requirements for Tourists

January 10th, 2010
Algeria is a large country located in the north of Africa. The country has a long, fascinating history and a lot of interesting places to visit, but American citizens do need visas to travel there. Getting an Algerian visa can be easier said than done. Here are the requirements for tourists: 2 passport-sized photos 2 Algerian visa application  forms.  The Algerian Embassy will not accept handwritten forms- you must download a copy of the form from the Embassy website and fill it in on your computer. Additionally, forms must be typed in all capital letters. Remember, the Caps Lock key is your friend! A copy of your travel itinerary and hotel reservation confirmation. If you are visiting family in Algeria, you must also provide a letter of invitation from your host. The letter m


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