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Algerian Visa Hassles Leave “Art of Nonconformity” Author Guessing About His Next Destination

by David | August 3rd, 2010

Poor Chris Guillebeau! After 3 tries, he finally managed to get the necessary visa to get into Belarus, but according to his blog, now the Algerian visa system is wreaking havoc with his plan to visit every country in the world:

I have a ticket for Algeria and a hotel reservation in Algiers, both of which were required to apply for a visa in Washington, D.C. two weeks ago. The whole point of this trip is to go to Belarus and Algeria, two countries that are relatively difficult to get to. The problem is, I still have no Algerian visa, and my duplicate passport is still in Washington as I fly off to Europe with my regular passport.

So, what’s next? Depends on whether or not Algeria issues him a visa in a timely fashion. If they do, the visa service he’s working with will overnight it to him and he can continue with his trip as planned. If not, he’ll have to reroute and go visit another country at the last minute.

Of course, Chris Guillebeau isn’t really “poor.” Through a combination of courage and good business sense, he’s making his dream of traveling the world a reality. But his story does illustrate why it’s a good idea to work with a visa service, especially if the country you want to visit has a visa system that’s less than welcoming. Because he’s basically a professional traveler, he’ll probably land on his feet no matter what happens with his Algerian visa. For someone who has the opportunity to travel less frequently, visa snafus are a much bigger deal.

Whether you’re traveling to Algeria, Belarus or somewhere else, a visa service like RushMyTravelVisa can help smooth out the process of applying for a travel visa. We can’t make the Algerian Embassy issue a visa if they decide to drag their heels (like they’re doing to Chris Guillebeau), but we can walk you through the application process, making sure that all the forms are filled out correctly and reducing the chance that your visa application will be delayed or that you’ll have to submit additional information. We’ll also deliver it to the Embassy for you for the fastest possible processing.

Traveling to Algeria? Let us help you with your Algerian visa application today!

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