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Get a Mozambique Visa to See Elephants in the Maputo Special Reserve

December 22nd, 2010
Famous for its elephants, Mozambique's Maputo Special Reserve also provides shelter for herds of zebra and antelope, plus crocodiles, hippos, and many different types of exotic birds. N0w, the World Bank is investing in a new, community-owned project to build an eco-resort in the park. That means that if the lodge is successful, the community as a whole will benefit. It should provide local people with a new source of income as well as providing them with an incentive to take care of the park and its wildlife. It will also make the park much more attractive to tourists; as this article on notes, currently "accommodation is also a bit wild and rugged. With bathroom facilities being relatively non-existent, camping is not for the faint-hearted. Most camping sites provide y


Madagascar Visa Requirements for Tourists

December 18th, 2010
Tucked away off the coast of Africa, Madagascar doesn't make it on many American tourists' life lists -- at least not yet. That may change as the country more fully develops its eco-tourism industry, assuming logging companies and assorted other extractive industries don't "harvest" all of Madagascar's pristine rainforests first. Right now, while it's somewhat difficult to get around the country, there's enough of a tourist infrastructure to make it doable as long as you're willing to deal with occasional inconveniences like delayed flights and rough roads, and more than enough gorgeous wilderness and exotic wildlife to make it worth your while. In a recent article, New York Times' travel writer Jeffery Gettleman explained the charms of Madagascar: "Cut off from the mainland 160 mi


5 Reasons to Get a Tanzanian Visa

July 25th, 2010
Tanzania is a beautiful, relatively stable country, and a trip there is a great way to start exploring Africa. Here are 5 great reasons to get a Tanzanian visa and go visit: 1. Mt. Kilimanjaro: The tallest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro 's three snow-capped, volcanic cones tower over the surrounding landscape. Whether you choose to appreciate its grandeur from a distance or test your strength and endurance in an attempt to summit, the mountain is definitely worth seeing. 2. Old Zanzibar: The old stone buildings of Zanzibar are nothing if not charming. The historic center of the town preserves buildings and architectural styles that date back to the 1830' s.  Old Zanzibar is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 3. The Serengeti:Serengeti National Park is the oldest national park in


With a Kenya Visa, You Can Stand Face-to-Face With Wildlife On Crescent Island

July 21st, 2010
Most African wildlife parks require visitors to give wildlife a wide berth, preferably viewing them from the relative comfort and safety of an automobile or from behind  a fence. With predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas around, it's easy to see why. However, at Crescent Island on Kenya's Lake Naivasha, the barriers between you and some of the largest and most beautiful animals in Africa vanish. On Crescent Island, you can get as close as you like to many of the animals, so you're almost guaranteed to come back with great stories and spectacular photos. In a recent article, New York Times travel writer Alexis Okeowo explains what makes the place so special: Crescent Island rivals any zoo for diversity: zebras, impalas, giraffes, wildebeests, gazelles, waterbucks, an


Travel Visa Requirements for the African Tour of a Lifetime

May 9th, 2010
Every year, National Geographic publishes a list of recommended "Tours of a Lifetime." This year, they have several tours of Africa listed, but this "Once in a Lifetime Africa" tour from  Travcoa really stands out for its comprehensiveness and in-depth nature. It promises to let you experience, in a single journey, "the vast variety and beauty at the soul of Africa." This is made possible by flying you to and from a variety of amazing destinations on a private plane. This tour takes you to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zululand and Mozambique. You'll visit game reserves and beaches, and you're guaranteed to see a wide selection of African wildlife. Of course, this kind of tour doesn't come cheap-expect to spend about $34,900. That's why they call it "Once a lifetime Africa"-you p