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Travel Visa Requirements for the African Tour of a Lifetime

by David Pacella | May 9th, 2010

Every year, National Geographic publishes a list of recommended “Tours of a Lifetime.” This year, they have several tours of Africa listed, but this “Once in a Lifetime Africa” tour from ¬†Travcoa really stands out for its comprehensiveness and in-depth nature.

It promises to let you experience, in a single journey, “the vast variety and beauty at the soul of Africa.” This is made possible by flying you to and from a variety of amazing destinations on a private plane. This tour takes you to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zululand and Mozambique. You’ll visit game reserves and beaches, and you’re guaranteed to see a wide selection of African wildlife.

Of course, this kind of tour doesn’t come cheap-expect to spend about $34,900. That’s why they call it “Once a lifetime Africa”-you probably won’t be able to afford to go again!

Whether you see these countries on your own or as part of this tour, it’s important that you are prepared with all of the necessary travel visas documents-you wouldn’t want to miss the trip of a lifetime, would you? Here’s what you’ll need to visit each one:

  • South Africa- No visa needed for stays of up to 90 days. However, make sure your passport has plenty of space in the back-you need at least 2 blank pages to enter the country.
  • Botswana- No travel visa needed, but make sure your passport has at least 6 months left before it expires.
  • Zambia- You do need a visa. A single-entry travel visa can be purchased on arrival. but if you need a multiple-entry Zambian visa, you must apply in advance. ¬†Also, check your passport-you need two blank pages to enter Zambia.
  • Mozambique- You need a travel visa, and the Department of State recommends you apply in advance even though a single-entry visa is theoretically available at the border. Your passport needs to have at least 3 blank pages. You should also get a yellow fever vaccination and bring your certificate with you when you enter Mozambique.

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