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Get a Kenyan Visa for a Safari in Masai Mara

April 22nd, 2011
If you're in Kenya looking for wildlife, you have a lot of national parks and reserves to choose from.  However, Masai Mara National Park is quite possibly the best place to go. The reserve is huge in and of itself, with 938 square miles of protected area. It's also contiguous with the Serengeti Reserve in Tanzania, giving the animals even more space and allowing for a diverse population of wildlife. The "Big Five "-- lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants -- get top billing, but you can also see a staggering number of smaller but equally interesting creatures, including wildebeest, baboons, giraffe, zebra, hyena and many different types of antelopes.  Plus, there are multitudes of birds including ostriches, cranes and hornbills. The park is well-developed for tourism, with


Travel Visas for the Tour d’Afrique

February 9th, 2011
The Tour de France? That's nothing! Try riding across the entire African continent on a bicycle! Since 2003, a hardy bunch of cyclists has been doing just that, as part of the Tour d'Afrique. The Tour d'Afrique crosses the entire African continent, from Egypt to South Africa, approximately 7,500 miles. While some participants are there to race, many others are just there for the experience and travel at their own pace, so people of all ages are welcome as long as you are in good shape and like to ride. The Tour d'Afrique takes a good four months to complete, and like most epic-level travel experiences, it's not cheap. The full tour will set you back €8,900, not including your bike, supplies for your bike, food on rest days, flights or visas. Fortunately, you can also sign on to just


Madagascar Visa Requirements for Tourists

December 18th, 2010
Tucked away off the coast of Africa, Madagascar doesn't make it on many American tourists' life lists -- at least not yet. That may change as the country more fully develops its eco-tourism industry, assuming logging companies and assorted other extractive industries don't "harvest" all of Madagascar's pristine rainforests first. Right now, while it's somewhat difficult to get around the country, there's enough of a tourist infrastructure to make it doable as long as you're willing to deal with occasional inconveniences like delayed flights and rough roads, and more than enough gorgeous wilderness and exotic wildlife to make it worth your while. In a recent article, New York Times' travel writer Jeffery Gettleman explained the charms of Madagascar: "Cut off from the mainland 160 mi


Do I Need Shots to Visit Africa?

January 1st, 2010
One of the more unpleasant aspects of international travel is making sure you are vaccinated against diseases that might be present where you are traveling. Of course, as unpleasant as it is to your arms stuck full of holes, it is a thousand times worse to get seriously ill overseas. Also, some countries won't let you get a visa if you don't have the appropriate vaccinations. For example, yellow fever vaccinations are often required for travelers visiting countries where the disease, which causes flu-like symptoms and sometimes fatal liver damage, is present. This guide will show you what shots you need to get a visa for each country in Africa. However, please talk to your doctor before your trip in case there are vaccinations that aren't required but that you should get anyway. V