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Get a Nepal Visa to Go Parahawking

by David | March 26th, 2011

Yet another reason Nepal is freaking awesome: it’s one of only two places in the world where you can go parahawking. (h/t Gadling) What, you may ask, is parahawking? It’s your chance to literally soar with the eagles (or in this case, the trained Egyptian vultures).

Parahawking involves paragliding (in tandem with a trained pilot if you’re inexperienced, though you can go solo if you know what you’re doing) with a trained bird of prey to guide you to the best thermals. Thermals are updrafts of warm air that help both raptors and paragliding humans soar effortlessly.

Even better,  at the moment the only organization that offers parahawking is also involved in conservation and rescue efforts for local birds of prey. So, the €125 you pay is money well spent as it helps support those efforts. All the vultures used in Nepal are rescues who became strongly imprinted on humans and cannot be released into the wild. Parahawking helps the Himalayan Raptor Rescue organization raise money for their care and also gives the birds a chance to fly and get some exercise.

Parahawking is available in Pokhara, Nepal from  November to late March. You can book online here.

To visit Nepal, you’ll need a valid passport and a Nepal visa. Visas can be obtained on arrival, or you can apply before you leave the US if you’d prefer to have all your paperwork ready before your trip. To learn more, see Nepal Visa Requirements for Tourists.

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