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Things You Can Do With A Nepal Visa: Hike Everest in Solitude

April 16th, 2011
Nepal is a backpacker's paradise, but while it's known for its absolutely stunning scenery, it's not known for providing solitude. Most backpackers look at the heavily-trafficked main trails as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. But some of us are a little more misanthropic. We prefer to walk alone. Now, my fellow misanthropes can have their cake and eat it, too, so to speak: A relatively new loop trail, the Three Passes Trek, takes you around the Himalayas and through Everest Base Camp, while avoiding the crowds for most of the route. New York Times travel writer Alex Hutchinson recently hiked the route with his wife, and from his description it sounds just as spectacular as any trail in Nepal. Check it out: "Behind us, looming above a turquoise glacial lake, was


Get a Nepal Visa to Go Parahawking

March 26th, 2011
Yet another reason Nepal is freaking awesome: it's one of only two places in the world where you can go parahawking. (h/t Gadling) What, you may ask, is parahawking? It's your chance to literally soar with the eagles (or in this case, the trained Egyptian vultures). Parahawking involves paragliding (in tandem with a trained pilot if you're inexperienced, though you can go solo if you know what you're doing) with a trained bird of prey to guide you to the best thermals. Thermals are updrafts of warm air that help both raptors and paragliding humans soar effortlessly. Even better,  at the moment the only organization that offers parahawking is also involved in conservation and rescue efforts for local birds of prey. So, the €125 you pay is money well spent as it helps support those


Nepal Visa Requirements to See the Temple of Boudhanath Stupa

December 25th, 2010
Boudhanath Stupa is one of the most beautiful and impressive Buddhist temples in Nepal. Towering over the country's capital Kathmandu, it is one of the city's chief tourist attractions. It's easy to see why -- the glistening white dome is topped with a gold canopy and surrounded by innumerable brightly colored, fluttering prayer flags for an amazing visual impact. According to legend, the stupa is the final resting place of an important sage called Kāṣyapa. There are several interesting legends describing how it was built. In one, recounted on the NileGuidance blog, an old woman petitioned the ruler of the area for land to build a temple to house the remains of the sage. The king granted her "as much land as a buffalo skin could cover," so she cut the buffalo skin into thin strips and


Get a Nepal Visa to Hike the Annapurna Circuit Now-Before It’s Too Late!

October 2nd, 2010
If you've ever dreamed of hiking Nepal's Annapurna circuit, long hailed as one of the most amazing trails in the world, you'd better get your Nepal visa and book a trek. By 2012, a road will be open along the Marsyangdi Valley side of the trail. There's already a road on the other side, shrinking what was once an epic 17-day trek to 11 days. When the new road is complete, hikers can look forward to a much less epic 4-day trek away from the road. Of course, you can still walk on the road, but competing with vehicles and the dust and fumes they create makes the trekking experience much less enjoyable. New York Times reporter Ethan Todras-Whitehill walked the entire 17 day route in March, including the part that coincides with the existing road. Lest you think that fears about the imp


5 Reasons to Get a Nepali Visa

September 19th, 2010
On the other side of the world and shrouded in mystery, Nepal seems more like a dream than reality to most Americans. However, if you're willing to brave the long plane ride, you'll find a welcoming country filled with awe-inspiring scenery and plenty of opportunities for adventure. Here are 5 reasons to get a Nepali visa and go: The Annapurna Circuit: The Annapurna circuit is 128 miles of rugged but spectacular terrain: a parade of rivers, mountains, small friendly villages and remote Buddhist monasteries. Backpacker Magazine calls it "the world’s best trek." If it's on your bucket list, I'd recommend hiking it in the next year-a road is set to fill more of the circuit with Jeeps in 2012, according to the New York Times. The Great Himalayan Trail Eventually, if the dream


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