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Indonesian Visa Requirements to Help Build An Eco-tourism Village

by David Pacella | January 29th, 2011

Habitat for Humanity has a new project in Indonesia: turning the small village of Soran into an eco-tourism community.  (h/t Jaunted)

The village is located near the Prambanan Temple and the volcano of Mt. Merapi, so once the community is complete it will provide environmentally conscious travelers with an excellent base for exploring the area.

More importantly, it will also provided upgraded housing for the people of Soran, as well as an opportunity to make additional income. Since 60% of the people in Soran are below the poverty line, this is relief that they desperately need.

In a press release, James Tumbuan, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, commented on the project:

“This is the first Habitat project in the world that creates shelter and economic opportunity for an entire community, and it is precisely the kind of project needed to combat Indonesia’s poverty. This unique program not only improves housing for most of the community, it also allows Soran villagers to economically benefit from the art and culture they have preserved for centuries, and to share it with the world.”

If you’d like to help, information on volunteering with Habitat for Humanity overseas is located here.

You’ll also need an Indonesian visa.

Tourists are able to obtain visas on arrival, called “visitor visas,” at designated airports and seaports. However, if you’re volunteering it’s a little bit different. According to the US Department of State, “even gratis volunteer work with local or international NGOs is not permitted on visitor status.” So, you’ll need to apply for a “social visit” visa in advance.

To apply for your Indonesian visa, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your passport. The expiration date must be 6 months or more in the future and have two blank pages in the back for the visa.
  • 2 completed Indonesian visa application forms
  • 2 passport photos
  • A copy of your most recent bank statement
  • A letter from your boss verifying that you are employed or on a leave of absence. If you don’t have a job, you’ll need to include a detailed letter explaining that fact. If you’re retired, you’ll need to submit proof of a retirement fund.
  • An itinerary letter that explains why you are going to Indonesia.
  • 2 copies of an invitation letter. This will be provided by the company you volunteer with in most cases.

If you’re traveling to Indonesia, RushMyTravelVisa can make getting your visa quick and easy. We walk you through the paperwork, and then expedite your visa with the appropriate embassy or consulate for the fastest processing available.

Apply for your Indonesian visa today!

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