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Get an Armenian Visa for a Wine Tour in the Home of the World’s Oldest Winery

by David Pacella | January 27th, 2011

According to the BBC, the world’s oldest winery was recently discovered in a cave in Armenia. The primitive winery consists of a shallow basin used as a wine press, along with a deep stone vat for fermentation. Dried grape vines and the remains of pressed grapes were also found on site, leaving little doubt as to the purpose of the basin and the vat. The wine press is 6,000 years old.  Morbidly enough, it was located in the center of a graveyard. Archaeologists believe that the wine it produced was used in funeral ceremonies.

When you think of wine today,  famous wine-producing countries like France, Italy, Chile and Australia come to mind. But Armenia also has an ancient tradition of viticulture, typically producing sweet red wines. With this in mind, several travel companies offer wine-tasting tours of Armenia. One company, Armenian Holidays, even goes so far as to claim that “Noah planted the first vineyards in the Valley of Ararat after his ark descended on the biblical Mt. Ararat.”

If you desire something a little bit stronger, Armenia is also known for its brandy, particularly the spirits produced at the Yerevan Brandy Factory in Yerevan.

To visit Armenia, you’ll need a valid passport and an Armenian visa. Armenian visas can be purchased ahead of time or when you enter the country. However, getting one in advance does make getting through customs go that much more quickly.

For more information about Armenian visa requirements, see Getting an Armenian Tourist Visa.

RushMyTravelVisa can assist you in the process of getting an Armenian visa. We’ll walk you through necessary paperwork and make sure you have all the appropriate documents, then expedite your application with the Armenian embassy for the fastest possible processing.  We’ll also research your itinerary to ensure you have all of the necessary travel documents for any other stops you plan to make on the way.

Apply for your Armenian visa today!

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