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5 Reasons to Get an Indonesian Visa

by David Pacella | September 26th, 2010

Indonesia’s motto is “Unity in Diversity,” and this is an apt description of a country that consists of 17,508 islands and 206 million people speaking 742 different languages. Opportunities for tourism in Indonesia are equally diverse-there’s so much to see and do that it’s hard to narrow it down. Nevertheless, here are 5 of the most spectacular reasons to get an Indonesian visa:


Bali is a wonderland of clean white and black-sand beaches, gorgeous rice terraces, and enchanting temples. The island is also one of Indonesia’s most important artistic centers, nurturing dancers, painters, sculptors and metalworkers alike. It’s no surprise, then, that Bali is Indonesia’s most popular tourist attraction.


Sumatra is a wild island packed with smoky volcanoes and verdant jungles (at least in areas where logging and development have been kept at bay.) It’s also Indonesia’s most productive coffee-growing region.


Kalimantan is Borneo’s beating heart, secret and mysterious. While it’s not on most tourist itineraries, it’s definitely worth your time. Explore the canal city of Banjarmasin, visit traditional Dayak villages or look for orangutans, monkeys and even sun bears in Kalimantan’s jungles.


Indonesia’s most densely populated island, Java is fringed with active volcanoes, adorned with richly decorated temples and palaces, and vibrates with the energy of 120 million people.

Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is the homeland of the Toraja people. The Toraja are famous for their intricate wood carvings and incredibly elaborate funeral ceremonies. Funeral rites can last days, involving hundreds of people and including music, dancing, feasting and chanting to help the deceased person’s soul journey to the next world. The Toraja are also known for carving burial sites into the sides of cliffs.

To visit Indonesia, you will need an Indonesian visa. You can apply for one in advance, before you leave the states, or you can apply for your Indonesian visa on arrival. See Indonesian visa requirements for tourists for more details on what you’ll need.

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