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Indonesian Tourist Visa Requirements

by David Pacella | February 10th, 2010

Tourism is one of Indonesia’s main industries-according to Wikipedia, it is the third-largest non-oil/gas-related industry in the country.  An average of 5 million tourists come to Indonesia from other countries each year, attracted by the picture-perfect beaches, amazing scuba diving, lush rain forests and a rich, diverse culture.

Indonesia has 33,999 miles of coastline and approximately 17,000 islands. Many of the islands are uninhabited, and 57% of the country is covered in rain forest. Outdoor activities like hiking are popular, as are water sports like surfing. Diving is another common activity-the waters off the coast of Indonesia are home to 3,500 different species of marine life.

To travel to Indonesia, an Indonesian visa is required. You can apply on arrival at certain airports or sea ports, or you can apply for an Indonesian tourist visa before you leave the US. Here’s what you need:

  • A US passport, which must be valid for 6 months and have an entire blank page page in the back for the visa.
  • 2 completed Indonesian visa application forms
  • 2 passport photos
  • A copy of your most recent bank statement
  • A letter from your boss verifying that you are employed or on a leave of absence. If you don’t have a job, you’ll need to include a detailed letter explaining that fact.
  • An itinerary letter that explains why you are going to Indonesia.

When you enter Indonesia, remember that you must have at least 6 months left before your passport expires. Otherwise, they will turn you away.

RushMyTravelVisa can help you prepare for your trip to Indonesia by reviewing your itinerary to make sure you have all of the required visas. We’ll also help you through the application process and submit your application to the right embassy or consulate to get you your visas as quickly as possible.

Apply for your Indonesian visa today!

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