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Getting an Indian Visa To See The Taj Mahal

October 6th, 2009
The Taj Mahal is one of India's most famous tourist attractions, and with good reason.  It rivals the Egyptian pyramids for the title of the largest and most elaborate tomb ever built! The story of the Taj Mahal is also a love story. The building was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his third and favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.  According to Wikipedia, the Emperor renamed his wife "Mumtaz Mahal" after their marriage-the name means "jewel of the palace." When she died giving birth to their 14th child, the emperor was inconsolable, and ordered the Taj Mahal built as a tomb.  The immense white marble building with its familiar onion-shaped dome is unforgettable, and its grandeur assures that the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal lives on even today. If you want to v


Getting a Chinese Visa for a Business Trip

October 4th, 2009
Did you know that one-fifth of the world's population resides in China? According to Wikipedia, China also has either the third or second largest economy in the world, also (depending on how you calculate it). It is also one of the world's fastest growing economies. With China's role in the global economy rapidly increasing,  more and more Americans are traveling to China on business.  If you have a business trip to China on the horizon, you need to make sure you have the proper paperwork: a valid US passport and a Chinese business visa. To get a Chinese visa for a business trip, you will need the following documents: Your US Passport A completed application form 1 passport photo If you're going on a business trip, you must fill out the part of the visa application that a


Getting a Bolivian Visa for an Ecotourism Trip

October 2nd, 2009
Bolivia is not the most well-known tourist destination in South America, but that may be slowly changing as tourists discover its incredible ecotourism potential. In fact, one of Bolivia' richest resources is its biodiversity. Currently, Bolivia's natural parks encompass 15.6% of the country, according to the BBC. Just one of those parks, Madidi National Park, is said to contain 11% of the world's plant and animal species. Ecotourism is also providing new economic opportunities for native Bolivian tribes.  For example, as this article in the Latin American Herald Tribune notes, the Tacana tribe runs a hostel for visitors along a river near Madidi National Park. So, ecotourism not only helps the environment, it also helps local people. In the Latin American Herald Tribune article,


Getting a Brazilian Travel Visa To See Iguazu Falls

October 1st, 2009
Do you think Niagara Falls is spectacular? Deep in the heart of South America, there is a waterfall that makes the mighty Niagara look like a mere trickle of water in comparison. Iguazu Fals is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. According to Wikipedia, an ancient native legend says that the falls were formed by a jealous god who wanted to marry a human woman.  The problem? She was already in love, so she and her lover fled down the river in a canoe. To cut off the pair's escape, the god sliced the river into pieces, creating the waterfalls. How much bigger is Iguazu Falls than Niagara Falls? Here are some statistics: The peak surface area of the water flowing over  Iguazu Falls is 1.3 million square feet. The peak surface area of the water flowing over Niagara i


Get a Cambodian Visa To Experience the Magic of Angkor Wat

September 25th, 2009
One of the main tourist attractions in Cambodia is the ancient temple of Angkor Wat. The temple, built in the 1100's by the Khmer king Suryavarman II, is an incredible work of architecture that rivals and even surpasses other, more well-known buildings. Made out of stone, the temple towers over the surrounding landscape. It is richly decorated, both inside and out, with statues and bas-relief sculptures. Angkor Wat was built as a Hindi temple, dedicated to the god Vishnu. Then, later, in the 13th century, the new King Srindravarman changed the state religion of Cambodia from Hinduism to Buddhism and converted Angkor Wat into a Buddhist shrine.  However,  you don't have to be Hindu or Buddhist to appreciate the temple's monumental beauty and grandeur. Over the past 20 years, restora


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