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Getting a Ghanaian Visa For An Ecotourism Adventure

by David Pacella | October 7th, 2009

Ghana may not seem like an obvious vacation choice, but tourism in the country is gradually increasing thanks to the efforts of the government and local conservation groups.

According to the National Conservation Research Centre, tourism makes up 4.5% of Ghana’s Gross National Product. The government of Ghana wants to attract more tourists, enough to make tourism Ghana’s principal source of foreign exchange income.

Most tourists come to Ghana for the wildlife-Ghana has successfully created a variety of local ecotourism models to encourage both tourism and conservation. Eco-tourism works because it rewards local communities for conservation with a source of income.

In Ghana, prime ecotourism attractions include the Boabeng-Fierna monkey sanctuary, where black and white colobus monkeys and mona monkeys, considered sacred by local tribes, roam undisturbed. Another popular place is Kakum National Park and Assin Attadanso Resource Reserve, which is filled with wildlife including butterflies, parrots, elephants, primates and red riverhog.

If you decide to go on an ecotourism adventure in Ghana, you will need a Ghanaian tourist visa.  To get a visa for Ghana, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 completed copies of a visa application form. Each form must have your original signature on it, so if you decide to save time by photocopying the completed application, make sure you do so before you sign it. Then, sign each copy individually.
  • International yellow fever vaccine certificate (you don’t have to send the original, you can send a copy).
  • A copy of your round-trip plane tickets or your itinerary.

A private visa expediting company like can make getting a Ghanaian visa easier and faster. With, you’ll get personal attention from a trained visa specialist and help understanding and completing the paperwork.  Then, we’ll submit your visa to the appropriate consulate for you for the fastest possible processing.

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