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Oman Visa Requirements to Camp Out in the Desert

by David Pacella | February 25th, 2011

It might seem as if the whole Middle East is going up in flames, but at least for the time being, Oman remains calm and welcoming to tourists. One of the country’s main attractions is the “Empty Quarter,” a vast stretch of desert made more hospitable by the camps and resorts sprinkled throughout.

Joshua Hammer of the New York Times recently visited this region of Oman, staying in the 1,000 Nights Camp. Here’s how he described the area:

The Sharqiya Sands, or Ramlat al-Sharqiya, of the Empty Quarter is one of the world’s most desolate and starkly beautiful regions: 4,800 square miles of rippled, undulating dunes that rise as high as 300 feet above the desert floor. It is also one of the not-to-be-missed attractions of Oman, an oil-rich and peaceful sultanate, bordered by Saudi Arabia to the west, Yemen to the south and the United Arab Emirates to the north.

The 1,000 Nights Camp tempts tourists with delicious food, luxurious accommodations, and lots of peace and quiet. Oh, and horses. I adored the Black Stallion series as a little girl, and the thought of riding horseback across the sand dunes is like a childhood dream come true.

To get to Oman, you’ll need a valid passport and an Oman visa. US citizens can get a 30-day, single-entry visa at the border, but you can also apply ahead of time for a multiple-entry tourist visa.

Here’s what you need to apply for an Oman visa:

  • Your passport. Check the expiration date- it needs to be valid for at least 6 months after you enter Oman.
  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • 2 completed Oman visa applications. These are available online, so you can fill them out and print them.
  • If you are not a US citizen, you need to include proof of your US status, like a green card, as well.

If you are applying for a visa on arrival, the US Department of State recommends bringing proof that you have money in the bank and a return ticket, even though it is not technically required.

RushMyTravelVisa makes getting the visas you need ahead of time easier by helping you with the paperwork and expediting your applications for the fastest processing possible.

Apply for your Oman visa today!

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