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Mauritanian Visa Requirements to See the Eye of the Sahara

by David Pacella | February 27th, 2011

Can you imagine how surprised the first astronauts to orbit the earth must have been when they saw an enormous blue eye staring back at the from the Sahara Desert?

The “eye” was actually a landform called the Richat Structure, otherwise known as the Eye of the Sahara. With a diameter of approximately 31 miles, it was originally thought to be the landing site of an ancient meteorite. However, scientists have since concluded that it’s actually a natural geological feature called a “symmetrical uplift.” (h/t Environmental Graffiti)

Unfortunately, visiting the Eye of the Sahara is a little complicated. First, you’ll need a Mauritanian visa. Plan ahead: the US Department of State advises that “Mauritanian visas require an invitation or sponsor, can take up to several months to process, and must be obtained prior to travel. Visas are no longer available at border crossings or at the airport upon arrival.”

Once you get into the country, you’ll have to make arrangements to travel safely to the Adrar region near the town of Ouadane, then to get to the formation. The Eye of the Sahara is best viewed from the air — if you’re lucky, you may be able to hire a hot air balloon!

Here’s what you’ll need to apply for a Mauritanian tourist visa:

  • 2 completed Mauritanian visa application forms
  • 2 passport photos,
  • An International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever
  • Round trip plane tickets or a copy of your itinerary
  • A copy of a recent bank statement or a reference letter from your bank

RushMyTravelVisa can help you get the documents you need for your trip. We’ll walk you through the paperwork, explaining exactly what you need and answering any questions you may have. Then, we’ll deliver your application to the Mauritanian Embassy for the fastest possible processing.

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