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Brazil Visa Requirements to Visit the Pantanal

by David Pacella | August 21st, 2010

This week’s featured UNESCO World Heritage Site is part of the largest wetland in the world. The Pantanal Conservation Complex consists of 4 protected areas in Brazil’s Pantanal region. The Pantanal is an amazing ecosystem that supports a tremendously diverse population of plants and animals. According to Wikipedia, it is home to 3500 known plant species, 1000 different types of birds, 300 different types of mammals, 480 reptile species, 400 fish species and over 9,000 different types of invertebrates.

Some of the most photogenic inhabitants of the Pantanal include giant river otters, howler monkeys, endangered hyacinth macaws and other parrots, jaguar, giant anteaters, the alligator-like caiman and the odd-looking tapir, which resembles a pig but is actually more closely related to the rhinoceros.

The UNESCO World Heritage website explains why the Pantanal Conservation Complex was added to the list:

The headwaters of the region’s two major river systems, the Cuiab√° and the Paraguay rivers, are located here, and the abundance and diversity of its vegetation and animal life are spectacular.

As you might imagine, the Pantanal is an excellent destination for outdoor activities like fishing as well as eco-tourism. The region is dotted with lodges that serve as excellent bases for excursions into the surrounding countryside.

To visit the Pantanal, you’ll need ¬†both a US passport and a Brazil visa. Be sure to apply for your Brazil visa well in advance of your trip, as you won’t be allowed to get on your plane without one. Also, check your passport before you apply for your Brazil visa. Brazil likes to make a statement with their visas, so you’ll need at least 2 blank pages in the back. Also, check the expiration date-you’ll need to renew your passport if its more than 6 months in the future.

For more information about getting your visa, see Brazil Visa Requirements for Tourists.

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