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Vietnamese Visa Requirements for Business Travelers

by David Pacella | January 19th, 2010

Although Vietnam is relatively poor overall, the country’s economy has been growing rapidly over the past decade.  In fact, according to Wikipedia, between 2000 and Vietnam’s GDP grew at a rate of 7%, the second-fastest growth rate in the world during that time.  Vietnam became a member of the World Trade Organization in 2007.

All of this means that Vietnam is increasingly becoming a destination for business travel, and it’s important for travelers to know what to expect.

One important element that business travelers visiting other cultures must consider is the way that business etiquette can vary from country to country.  According to this article from

“Vietnam is a markedly Confucian society and its business practices are often more similar to those of China, Japan and Korea than to those of its Southeast Asian neighbors. The social dynamics and world-view of Vietnam’s society are reflected in the business climate including such matters as: “face”, consensus building, and the zero-sum game assumption.”

Business travelers should also make sure they have all the appropriate travel documents. Business travelers to Vietnam need both a valid US passport and a Vietnamese business visa.  You must apply for your Vietnam visa in advance-the Vietnamese government does not issues visas on arrival.

Here’s what you’ll need to apply for your Vietnamese business visa:

  • 1 visa application form
  • 1 passport photo

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