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Yellow Fever Vaccinations and Travel Visas

December 4th, 2010

If you’re traveling overseas to a country that requires visas for US citizens, you may need to make a doctor’s appointment before applying for your travel visa. That’s because some countries require that you submit proof you’ve been vaccinated for yellow fever along with your visa application. In the US, we don’t routinely get vaccinated for yellow fever, so unless you’ve already been to a country that requires visitors to be vaccinated, you are highly unlikely to have had the shot.

What is yellow fever, anyway? Found in the tropics, it’s a hemorrhagic fever spread by mosquitoes.  The virus basically causes flu-like symptoms (fever, nausea, vomiting and pain), and if you’re lucky, that’s all you’ll experience. If you’re not lucky, however, instead of shaking it off you’ll enter the “toxic” stage of the disease, which can result in liver failure and, in about 20% of cases, death.

There is no cure for yellow fever: treatment is based on easing symptoms. According to the World Health Organization, that means that “Vaccination is the single most important preventive measure against yellow fever. The vaccine is safe, affordable and highly effective, and appears to provide protection for 30–35 years or more. The vaccine provides effective immunity within one week for 95% of persons vaccinated.”

Because vaccination is the only real way to combat yellow fever, some countries require you to submit proof that you’ve been vaccinated before you can get a travel visa. Once you get your yellow fever vaccination, you’ll get a document called an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. This is good for 10 years, and you may need to submit a copy with your visa paperwork, carry it with you when you enter, or both.

To see if you’ll need to turn yourself into a pincushion before you travel, look up the country you’ll be visiting on this handy list provided by the CDC.

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Top 5 Reasons To Get a Travel Visa In 2010

January 6th, 2010

The new year has arrived, and that means that it’s time to think about the places you’ll go and the things you’ll see in 2010.  To help you get a leg-up on planning your 2010 itinerary, here are some expert picks for destinations to visit in 2010:

  • Burma (Myanmar): named Burma as one of its top destinations for 2009 for the country’s history and culture, as well as the newly created opportunities for ethical travel there.
  • Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan also made Concierge’s list of top destinations for its unparalleled opportunities for adventure travel, including horseback riding, heli-skiing in the Tian Shan mountains, and camping out with locals.
  • Vietnam: Hanoi, Vietnam made Frommer’s list of the top destinations for 2010 for its architecture, food, nightlife, art and shopping.
  • Nepal- Nepal made the Lonely Planet’s list for 2010, as the country’s much-improved political situation has made it much more hospitable for travelers.
  • Suriname: The Lonely Planet also listed Suriname as an up-and-coming destination for 2010 for its amazingly rich cultural diversity.  Awesome jungle treks don’t hurt, either.

What do all of these destinations have in common?  If you’re an American citizen, you’ll need a travel visa to visit any of them. No matter where you’re going, RushMyTravelVisa can help you research your itinerary to determine what visas you’ll need to apply for.

RushMyTravelVisa can also help you with the travel visa application process, providing you with an easy-to-use checklist to make the paperwork a snap. Then, we will forward your visa application to the appropriate embassy or consulate for the fastest processing possible.

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Is Your Travel Visa Horror Story Good Enough to Win a Prize?

November 24th, 2009

Most travel horror stories are small potatoes…missing a plane, getting stuck next to a drunk guy who reeks of vomit on the subway…not fun, but not epic, either.

However, when it comes to travel visa horror stories, the potential for a truly awful trip increases exponentially. With the appropriate visa, you might not be allowed on your plane. If by some chance you are allowed on your plane, when you arrive at your destination, countries that don’t allow you to apply for a visa on arrival will more than likely put you on the next plane back, at your own expense.

You could also end up stranded in a third country, like the couple that tried to go on honeymoon in St. Petersburg but didn’t have Russian visas.  One thing is certain: without the appropriate travel visa, the outlook for a successful trip is not good at all.

If you have a truly awful travel-related story, now is your chance to cash in. Starting December 1st, the travel insurance company Travel Guard is having a contest to find the “World’s Unluckiest Traveler.” To enter, all you have to do is submit your travel horror story. According to the Denver Post, the company is giving away 2 Flip MinoHDTM camcorders each month for a year, starting December 1st.

There are two ways to win a camcorder-either submit the worst travel story for the month, or vote for your favorite travel story.  If you vote for the winning entry, you could also win.

At the end of the year, one lucky monthly winner will be selected to receive an additional grand prize: $10,000 for their dream vacation!

Contest details aren’t up yet, but check Travel Guard’s site after December 1st.

Of course, the likelihood that your travel visa horror story will win you a prize is slim. Wouldn’t you prefer to avoid visa-related mishaps?

RushMyTravelVisa can help research your itinerary to determine what visas you need for your trip. Then, we’ll help you with the paperwork and submit it to the appropriate embassy or consulate for the fastest possible processing.  We can’t do anything about that annoying person sitting next to you on the plane or that awful stomach virus you picked up overseas, but we can make sure you have your visas on time for your trip.

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Can You Still Use A Visa After Your Passport Has Expired?

October 31st, 2009

Many countries issue visas that are good for a number of years.  That means that it’s entirely possible to end up with a visa that expires after your passport. What happens if your passport is expired but your visa is still valid?

The answer depends on the type of visa in question and the country that issued it.  However, in most cases, you can use a valid visa even if your passport is expired.  You do need to renew your passport, though.

When you renew your passport, you can usually do one of two things. The first option is to carry the old passport with your visa in it along with your new passport. However, when you travel, you’ll have to be very careful to keep track of both passports. If you lose your new passport, you’ll be stuck trying to get a new one in a foreign country. If you lose your old passport, you will have to get a new visa.

However, some countries offer an additional option, allowing you to apply to have your visa transferred to the new passport. The advantage of going this route is that you only have to keep track of one passport on your trip. The disadvantage is that you’ll have to send in both the old passport and the new passport to get the visa transferred, and you need to make sure to send them in well before your trip.

Each country is different-before you try to travel, make sure to double-check what the requirements are in your specific situation.  RushMyTravelVisa can help-we’ll research the requirements of the country that issued your visa, and we can help you get it transferred.  Or, if you need to apply for a new visa, we can help you with that.

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Schengen Countries: Do You Need a Travel Visa?

October 8th, 2009

The Schengen Agreement is an agreement between 24  countries in Europe. It is designed to encourage travel between member countries by eliminating border checkpoints between them.  This means that if you enter one Schengen country, you have up to 90 days of continuous travel in all Schengen countries.

The 24 Schengen countries include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are an American citizen traveling to any of these countries for business or tourism and you plan on staying less than 90 days, you don’t need a travel visa at all-just your passport. The US Department of State notes that if you are traveling to a Schengen country for a different reason (like to study or for employment), you should check with the country you are staying with to see if you need a visa or not.

If you are a legal permanent resident of the US, however, your situation may be more complicated.  Whether or not you will need a travel visa depends on your country of origin. will be happy to help research your travel visa needs.

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