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Travel Visa Requirements To Follow in the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

May 21st, 2010
From 336 to 323 BC, the Macedonian army, led by Alexander the Great, blazed through the Middle East as Alexander strove to conquer Darius, the king of Persia.  Although Alexander's reign was short, his impact on history was tremendous. Now, reporter Theodore May is retracing the path the army took, on foot. Currently in Lebanon, he is blogging about his journey here.  For real-time updates, you can also check out his Twitter feed here. Of course, travel visas weren't really an issue back when Alexander the Great traveled this route. Even if they had been, I seriously doubt he would have cared. You, however, are not Alexander the Great, and you don't have the entire Macedonian army at your back. If you want to undertake a similar journey, researching travel visa requirements is an


Visiting Instanbul (Not Constantinople)- Do You Need a Turkish Visa?

November 1st, 2009
Located on the border between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the city where East meets West. This ancient city has served as the capital for the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire. However, currently Turkey's capital city is located in Ankara. Although not the capital of Turkey, Istanbul is the country's largest city with 12.6 million people.  The city literally straddles the Bosphorus strait, with one part on the European side and the other on the Asian side. Tourism is a major part of Istanbul's economy. People flock here from across the globe, drawn by the city's rich history, stunning architecture and fabulous Mediterranean beaches. This post, by Two Drifters, gives a wonderful description of what it's like to visit the city. No matter w


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