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Friendly Reminder From the US State Department: Don’t Try to Enter North Korea Without a Visa!

August 30th, 2010
As former president Jimmy Carter returned from North Korea with a freed American prisoner, the US Department of State issued a new travel warning for the country, reminding Americans not to attempt to visit it without a North Korean visa. Although North Korea announced earlier this year that they would allow US tourists into the country year-round, that doesn't mean that it's easy for US citizens to visit the country. The travel warning notes that: "The Government of North Korea imposes heavy fines and long prison sentences with hard labor on persons who enter the country without a valid passport and a North Korean visa...Travel by U.S. citizens to North Korea is not routine, and U.S. citizens crossing into North Korea without proper documentation, even accidentally, have been subjec


North Korean Visa Requirements for the New Tourist Train

May 2nd, 2010
In January, North Korea began loosening some of the restrictions on US tourists, allowing them to visit year-round in closely supervised tour groups. Now, according to Jaunted, the North Korean government has arranged for a "tourist train" to bring tourists over from China.  Tourists on the train will be taken on a four-day tour of the country (the maximum length of stay allowed by the North Korean government). North Korea may hope to invite more tourists to visit with the tourist train, but foreigners of all nationalities should still expect an experience more reminiscent of a lockdown than a vacation if they choose to enter the country. The subarctic relations between North Korea and the US make the process of gaining admittance to North Korea even more arduous for Americans. To


North Korea Visa Update: North Korea To Allow US Tourists Year-Round

February 13th, 2010
The relationship between North Korea and the US may not be particularly cordial, but the cash-strapped country is thirsty for American tourist dollars, especially since South Korea's Hyundai group stopped running cross-border tours in 2008. According to Reuters, to encourage US tourists to come visit North Korea, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has agreed to let Americans in year-round. Previously, tourists from the US were only allowed in from August to October for the Arirang Mass Games. However, just because American citizens are being allowed to cross the border, that doesn't mean that you'll be able to move around freely. Americans are restricted to staying in hotels reserved for foreigners , and cannot stay more than 4 nights. Expect to spend your trip being escorted around b


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