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Jordan Visa Requirements To Visit the “Rose-Red City”

July 24th, 2010
"Match me such marvel save in Eastern clime,a rose-red city half as old as time." John William Burgon This week's featured UNESCO World Heritage site is one of Jordan's oldest and most beautiful cities.  Located between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, Petra was an important trading city during Biblical times, and has been inhabited for far longer than that. Petra rose to power as the capital city of the Nabataeans. The Nabataeans traded not only goods but also water, and Petra is constructed with a system of dams, water storage and irrigation that allowed them to capture water when it rained and dispense it as needed during dry periods. After the Romans took control of the area, trades routes shifted and Petra's location became much less advantageous. Eventually it was all but aba


Getting a Jordan Visa to Visit the Dead Sea

December 5th, 2009
Jordan's Rift Valley is the home of the world-famous Dead Sea. Located just over 400 miles below sea level,  the Dead Sea shore is the lowest land area on the planet. The Dead Sea is fed by the River Jordan, but the water has no place to go and so it slowly evaporates, leaving deposits of salts and other minerals behind. The Dead Sea has a salinity level of 33.7%, according to Wikipedia.  For comparison, the ocean has an average salinity level of 3.5%. The   Dead Sea is approximately 8.6 times as salty as seawater.  Because of the high concentration of salt, if you go for a swim in the Dead Sea you will float like a cork! With this much salt in the water, the Dead Sea is almost completely devoid of animal and plant life, the only exception being small amounts of certain types


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