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Indian Visa Requirements For Tourists

by Visa Editorial | July 27th, 2022

Tourism is an important and growing industry in India. From across the globe, visitors come to witness spectacular landscapes, ancient temples and historical monuments, wildlife, beaches and much more.

According to Wikipedia, 17 million foreign tourists travel to India each year, with the World Travel and Tourism Council calling India a “tourism hotspot.”

American citizens visiting India for tourism are required to carry both a valid passport and an Indian tourist visa.  You need to apply ahead of time for the visa, as you won’t be allowed to travel or enter India without it.  Here are the documents you’ll need when you apply:

  • Your US passport
  • 2 recent passport-sized photos, taken within the past 6 months. You may not wear glasses for the photos.
  • A completed Indian visa application form. To ensure that your visa application is approved, write clearly and proofread the application carefully for mistakes.  Make sure that you enter in “tourism” in the section that asks you to state why you are traveling to India.
  • A photocopy of your plane tickets or your itinerary.
  • A legible copy of your driver’s license or a utility bill showing your name and address.
  • A copy of your birth certificate

India’s visa system is jurisdictional, so you must submit your Indian visa application to the embassy or consulate that serves your home address. can help you get an Indian tourist visa easily and quickly. We’ll assist you with the necessary paperwork and submit your visa application to the appropriate embassy or consulate for super-fast processing.

Apply for your Indian visa today!

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