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Chinese Visa Requirements to Visit the Temple of Heaven

by David | June 5th, 2011

As if you needed another reason to get a Chinese visa, UNESCO has one more for you: This month’s featured World Heritage Site is located in Beijing and dates back to the Ming Dynasty. For almost 500 years starting in 1420, Chinese emperors worshiped at the Temple of Heaven, a staggeringly beautiful complex of temples and altars built according to Taoist principles. Here, the emperors performed prayers and ceremonies to ensure bountiful harvests and favorable weather for growing crops.

UNESCO calls it “a masterpiece of architecture and landscape design which simply and graphically illustrates a cosmogony of great importance for the evolution of one of the world’s great civilizations.”

The Temple of Heaven stopped being used as such in 1911, when the ceremonies were forbidden by the Republic of China. However, the impressive altars and temples remained, surviving even after the complex was occupied by the Japanese in World War II. Now, it is a public park, and a popular place for Beijing residents to get some fresh air and exercise.

To visit the Temple of Heaven, you’ll need a Chinese visa for tourists, also known as an “L” visa. Here’s what you’ll need to get one:

  • A Chinese visa application
  • Your US passport, which must be valid for at least 6 more months. You’ll also need at least one blank page in the back.
  • A copy of your passport’s information page (the page with your name, date of birth, etc on it).
  • One passport photo glued or stapled to the application.
  • If you are leaving within the next 7 days, include a copy of your travel itinerary so that your Chinese visa can be expedited.

RushMyTravelVisa can help you get your Chinese visa quickly and easily. We’ll walk you through the paperwork, step-by-step, then deliver your visa application to the Chinese Embassy for the fastest possible processing.

China visa requirements can be confusing, but don’t let that stop you. Apply for your Chinese visa with us today!

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