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Soon, You Can Live It Up In Siberia with a Russian Visa

by admin | March 10th, 2011

Siberia is not known for its nightlife, but Russia hopes to change all that by building its own “City of Sin” in the snow.

According to Gadling, the development will be called “Siberian Coin,” and it will be located near Siberia’s border with China and Kazakhstan, in the frozen wastes of the Altai Republic.

If this sounds like an unlikely place for a “wretched hive of scum and villany,” well, it is. But Russia banned gambling in most of the country years ago, opting instead to create “gambling zones” in underdeveloped regions of the country.

Currently, Siberian Coin is still a dream and a 9-acre chunk of barren, frozen wasteland – but a four man team is installing an electric grid as we speak. According to Businessweek, the Russian government expects casinos and hotels to brighten up the scenery in about 2 years.

Or, as Anatoly Golovachyov, the manager of the nearby Kaimskoye tourism center, told Businessweek: “Soon, the mafia and money and prostitutes will show up!”

If Russia builds it, will people come? That’s the question. My inner geek tells me there’s probably a reason that in Star Wars, the ice planet of Hoth was not known for its nightlife either. But, anything’s possible.

Kolya, one of the men installing the electric grid, is skeptical. He told Businessweek, “They say this will be the Las Vegas of Siberia. Better to go to the Las Vegas of Las Vegas.”

If you decide to go to the Las Vegas of Siberia once it’s complete, you’ll need a Russian visa. Unfortunately, getting one of these documents can be almost as arduous of a journey as getting to Siberia itself. Even the US State Department calls the Russian visa process “restrictive and complicated.” For more information about what’s required, see Russian Visa Requirements for Tourists.

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