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2011 Destinations: Get an Algerian Visa to Visit Tlemcen

by David Pacella | January 15th, 2011

Algeria’s Tlemcen is an ancient city, founded in the 4th century CE by the Romans. It eventually became a center of trade and religious scholarship. This year, Tlemcen is the center of a major renovation effort as the city readies itself for a year-long festival celebrating its induction as one of Isesco’s “Capitals of Islamic Culture for 2011.”

Although Tlemcen is always an interesting city to visit, the New York Times explains why this year is a great year to go:

“Algeria‚Äôs spiritual heart is preparing for a yearlong gala that will include some 300 exhibitions, concerts, screenings, theater performances, lectures and readings. The ruins of medieval ramparts and towers are being refurbished. Time-worn mosques and hammams are being dusted off. Cultural centers and museums are being started. “

To visit Algeria, you do need an Algerian visa. You’ll need to apply ahead of time, too, as Algeria does not issue airport visas. Show up at the airport without one, and you’ll never make it off US soil.

Here’s what you need to get an Algerian tourist visa:

  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • 2 Algerian visa application forms. You must fill the form out on the computer and print it. Handwritten forms are not allowed, and the Algerian Embassy will not waste its time trying to decipher your sorry scrawl. Learn to love the “Caps Lock” key, as application forms must be typed in all capital letters.
  • A copy of your travel itinerary and hotel reservation confirmation.
  • If you are visiting family in Algeria, you should also submit a letter of invitation from your host. The letter must be notarized at the city hall of the place of residence of your Algerian host.

The Algerian Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional information from any Algerian visa applicant, and they often exercise this privilege. For example, you may need to provide a copy of a recent bank statement to prove that you aren’t a deadbeat and will be able to take care of yourself on Algerian soil.

RushMyTravelVisa can help you get your Algerian visa quickly and easily. We’ll walk you through the paperwork and help you catch common mistakes that could prevent your visa from being issued. Then, we’ll expedite your application with the Algerian embassy for the fastest processing possible.

Let us help you apply for your Algerian visa today!

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