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Step Back In Time With a Chinese Visa

by David Pacella | October 21st, 2010

Although China has hurled itself head-first into the 21st century, there are still pockets of the country where life hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. That means that your Chinese visa can take you through time as well as space-just include one or more of these 4 places on your itinerary:

Qian Nian Yao Zhai

Over 1,000 years old, Qian Nian Yao Zhai is the largest remaining enclave of the Yao minority group in China. The “Yao” are actually a collection of different but loosely related traditional cultures, usually characterized by colorful clothing and either red or black turbans. This village of 200 people offers a glimpse into what their lives were traditionally like before they began to disperse. (via Bootsnall)


Tianluokeng is a fortress-like village built in the “tulou” style of the Hakka people. Large, extremely strong communal homes built from earth shelter and protect up to 80 families each. The unique buildings have been standing for up to 700 years.

Duolun Lu in Shanghai

Located in the Hongkou District of Shanghai, Duolun Lu is a street where cars are not allowed to go, and where the historic buildings still have the same atmosphere and charm as they did in the 20’s and 30’s. Although the street is technically supposed to be protected, the New York Times notes that in Shanghai this often doesn’t mean much, and this unique neighborhood may soon become a casualty of China’s march toward modernity.

Xidi and Hongcun

Located in Anhui province, Xidi and Hongcun are textbook-perfect examples of traditional Chinese feudal communities, so much so that they were named UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000.

To visit China, you will need a Chinese visa. To learn more about getting a tourist visa for China, see Chinese Visa Requirements for Tourists. Remember, RushMyTravelVisa can help you with the application process and expedite your paperwork so that you get your visa as quickly as possible.

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