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Egyptian Visa Requirements To Climb Mt. Sinai

by Visa Editorial | September 1st, 2010

The tallest mountain in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Mt. Sinai has religious significance for Christians, Muslims and Jews alike, as it is believed to be the place where Moses was given the Ten Commandments. Naturally, some scholars dispute this. However, whatever you do (or don’t) believe, if you have the opportunity to climb Mt. Sinai, it’s an experience not to be missed.

Due to the scorching heat of the Egyptian sun, climbing Mt. Sinai takes place at night, by the light of the moon (supplemented, naturally, with flashlights.) The mountain is 2,285 meters high, and climbing it generally takes 2.5 to 4 hours. There are two ways up: Siket El Bashait, also known as “the Camel Trail,” and the aptly named “Steps of Penitence.”

Once at the top, you’ll generally have plenty of time to watch the stars as you wait for the sun to rise. It gets cold and windy, so make sure you have appropriate clothing and blankets. On the way down, you can stop at the Monastery of St. Katherine, the Church of the Transfiguration, and what’s billed as a descendant of the original “Burning Bush.”

To visit Egypt, you need both a passport and an Egyptian visa. Egyptian visas are available by arrival in the airport only-if you’re crossing over a land border, you have to apply in advance. Even if you’re flying in, getting your Egyptian visa beforehand is still a good idea because it means you’ll be out of the airport faster, and that’s always a blessing after a long flight.

Here’s what you’ll need to apply:

  • A valid US passport.
  • A passport photo.
  • Plane tickets or a copy of your itinerary
  • A completed Egyptian visa application.

Using RushMyTravelVisa makes getting an Egyptian visa before you leave the US much faster. We’ll help you with the application and deliver your paperwork to the Embassy for the fastest possible processing.

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