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Chris Guillebeau On The Difficulties of Getting a Belarus Visa

by David | August 13th, 2010

Like Russia, Belarus is one of those countries that seems to absolutely revel in bureaucracy. Consequently, if you decide you want to visit, you should be prepared to jump through more hoops than your average circus animal. Even professional travelers can find Belarus’ visa system frustrating. For example, it took Chris Guillebeau, a writer/digital nomad who is in the process of visiting every single country in the world, 3 tries to get into Belarus, even using a visa service.

From his blog, here’s a list of the problems he had on his last, successful attempt:

1. Can not write “OR” for state – must write “OREGON.”

2. Can not write “Oregon” for state – must write “OREGON.”

3. Can not use “#” for “Number” – must write “NUMBER”

4. Digital signature not accepted on application.

5. Real signature must include each letter of name.

6. Real signature must be in black ink! No other color!

7. Visa card accepted for Canadian applicants; Americans must use only MasterCard.

8. Blue-colored Mastercards are not accepted (“image too dark for bank.”)

9. Signature on alternate MasterCard must match signature on application, even if signature on application is wrong due to requirement #5.

Wow. Even then, he ran into a hassle getting in, as he didn’t have enough acceptable cash to pay the visa fees when he arrived at the airport. Make sure you know how much your visa is supposed to cost, and bring more than you think you need. In brand-new, crisp bills. Seriously.

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