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Thailand Waives Thai Visa Requirements As Country Recovers From Civil Unrest

by David Pacella | June 24th, 2010

Lately, Thailand has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Riots and protests that pitted different political parties against each other claimed 88 lives and a lot of property in certain areas of Bangkok. The protests also prompted the US Department of State to issue  a travel advisory warning Americans against travel to Thailand.

The streets of Thailand are calm again, and the travel warning has been lifted. However, Thailand’s tourist industry has suffered a major disruption. Of course, the silver lining to all of this is that now that it’s once again safe and pleasant to travel to Thailand, you can find some amazing travel deals there. As Gadling observes:

Hesitant tourists are the unfortunate result of any political instability, no matter how short-lived. The resulting drop in foreign visitors to Thailand has instigated a price war among hotels and resorts across the country–if you thought Thailand used to be cheap, it just got a whole lot cheaper. A number of awesome deals are up for the taking, like Thai Airways’ Discover Thailand pass (fly to any 3 cities within Thailand for $278).

The government is also doing its part to help tempt visitors. Gadling notes that for the time being, the Thai Tourist Authority is waiving Thai visa requirements and fees for tourists who would like to stay longer than the normal 30 days.¬† Ordinarily, if you wanted to stay longer than 30 days you would need to apply for a Thai tourist visa valid for up to 60 days. But not right now-so feel free to take an extended vacation in Thailand! You can check and see if the requirements are back in force by visiting the Thai Tourist Authority’s website.

Even if you don’t need a Thai visa, you may need a visa if your journey requires you to travel through or stop in another country. RushMyTravelVisa can help you by researching your itinerary and then expediting the application process for any visas you might need.

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One Response to “Thailand Waives Thai Visa Requirements As Country Recovers From Civil Unrest”

  1. Tammy Hotello

    I’d just like to say that Thailand is incredible to say the least, I loved every minute of it. I went with a few buddies on a trip. It was perfect for us, and I can honestly say it would be perfect for ones experienced travelers… or unexperienced. So you should visit Thailand too! :p

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