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Get a Vietnam Visa to Visit Magical Ha Long Bay

by David Pacella | June 27th, 2010

One of Vietnam’s most exquisite natural treasures, Ha Long Bay is located along the coast in Quảng Ninh province.  Local legend has it that the bay was created by a family of friendly dragons, send by the gods to help the Vietnamese defend their land against the Chinese.  Over 3,000 islands and islets rise out of the crystal blue waters, covered with jungle and surreal rock formations. Many of the islands have caves to explore, and some even have lakes. Is it any wonder that Ha Long Bay was nominated to be one of the World’s 7 Natural Wonders in 2009?

However, conservation-minded tourists should be careful that they don’t inadvertently cause harm to this special place. Environmental Graffiti has an excellent first-hand account of a visit to Ha Long Bay that includes this caution:

“Unfortunately there are often downsides to tourist success and this magnificent site is no exception. The bay is under threat as many people have removed rare coral and seashells from the seabed and also taken stalactites and stalagmites from the caves. These are often taken and made into trinkets such as key rings to be sold to visiting tourists, so be wary and try not to buy.”

To visit Ha Long Bay, you need a valid passport and a Vietnamese visa. You need to plan ahead and have your visa in hand before you leave the US, as Vietnamese visas are not available on arrival.  See Vietnamese Visa Requirements for Tourists for more details on what you need to do to get your visa.

RushMyTravelVisa can help you get your Vietnamese visa, as well as any other visas you’ll need for your trip. We’ll research the visa requirements for your planned itinerary, then help you with the necessary paperwork and deliver your application to the right embassy or consulate for expedited service.

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