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Peru Visa Requirements For Business Travelers

by David | February 21st, 2010

American citizens don’t need a visa to travel to Peru as tourists, but if you are traveling there on behalf of your employer it’s a different matter.  Americans doing business in Peru need to have a Peru business visa, which is good for 90 days. You should apply before you leave the US, and you will need the following documents:

  • 2 Peru visa application forms. Each application needs  needs an original signature (not a photocopied signature) and a thumbprint.
  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • A business letter from the company that’s sending you. The letter should describe the nature of your business and the purpose of your trip, and should also contain assurances that your employer will support you financially while you are in the country and provide you with transportation home.

Make to sure to talk to your doctor before you leave-if you will be in Lima, you should be fine without medication for malaria, but in some other parts of the country it is recommended. Also, a yellow fever vaccine is not required for you to enter Peru, but it may be required if you travel from Peru to another country in South America.

RushMyTravelVisa can help you get the documents you need to travel.  We can assist you by researching your itinerary to ensure that you have all of visas you need and that nothing is overlooked. Then, we can help you with the paperwork for the required travel visas, providing easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Then, we forward your completed application to the appropriate embassy or consulate for the fastest possible processing.

Let us help you apply for your Peru business visa today!

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