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Do You Need a Panama Visa to Visit Panama?

by David Pacella | October 25th, 2009

Unlike other countries in Central America such as Costa Rica or Belize, Panama is not yet a well-known tourist destination. However, that may be changing-Wikipedia reports that tourism to Panama has been steadily increasing over the last few years.

It’s easy to see why-Panama is covered with lush, green cloud forests and fringed by picture-perfect white sand beaches.  It is also surrounded by tropical islands, including the island used to film the original Survivor!

If great views are what you crave,  check out Parque Nacional Volcán Barú,where you can climb to the top of a dormant volcano, Volcán Barú.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see all the way to the coast on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides of the country!

If you’re looking for wilderness, you might check out Parque Internacional la Amistad, located on the border with Costa Rica. This enormous park encompasses a variety of local habitats and protects many different species of plants and animals-so many, in fact, that it’s been a World Heritage site since 1984.  Among the animals that flourish in the park: anteaters, tapirs (a relative of the elephant), jaguars, mountain lions, ocelots, and many different types of birds, fish, insects, reptiles and amphibians.

To visit Panama, you may or may not need a Panama visa.  US citizens arriving in Panama by air have the option to purchase a tourist card in the airport. The card may even be provided by the airline and included in your ticket fees. If you’ll be stopping in Panama on a cruise, you don’t need visa or a tourist card unless you want to get off the boat. Your cruise line should provide a tourist card for you.

However, you can also apply for a multi-entry visa at a Panamanian embassy or consulate  before you leave.  And if you plan on crossing into Panama by land, you will definitely need to have your visa before you leave for your trip.

Here’s what you need to get a Panama tourist visa:

  • A valid US passport
  • 1 completed Panama visa application
  • 1 passport photo
  • A copy of your itinerary.
  • A copy of your plane tickets (if you’re flying in)
  • A  letter if invitation or a copy of your hotel reservation.
  • A  copy of your bank statement. can help you through the visa application process. You’ll work with a visa specialist and get clear, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the paperwork, preventing common mistakes that could interfere with your application. Then, we submit your application to the embassy for you for the fastest possible processing.

Apply for your Panama visa with us today!

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5 Responses to “Do You Need a Panama Visa to Visit Panama?”

  1. M. Scott Hancock

    I just wanted to thank you very much for this illuminating article. I have already bookmarked your site, when I have more free time I am going to have to do some further reading. Well back to my dreaming of Panama or back to the books – I wonder which one is going to win out. 🙂


    u nvr fail to impress me. this is another good write up!!! 😉

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  4. Jeanelle Lawlor

    Is it safe for a woman to be alone in Costa Rica Obviously I will be using caution but do need to take taxi’s etc. From the airport to the B& B and will get recommendations. But…I’m told cash is the best to bring. Think I may need a money belt? Any tips?

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    I am trying to decide where to stay. We are currently debating between Los Pinos Cabanas and Hotel Finca Valverde. Based on the reviews here on tripadvisor, Los Pinos sounds good. But we will not have a car, and i am worried about where we are going to get food. We have an 7:30am tour of the forest and I don’t know where we are going to get breakfast. I am also thinking about Hotel Finca Valverde, because they have a restaurant…but I am conerned about the noise from the bar that people are compaining about. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

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