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2011 Destinations: Get an Ethiopian Visa for an African Adventure

January 8th, 2011
Where are you going to go in 2011? If you're looking for an adventure, why not visit Ethiopia? Gadling just named it one of the top adventure travel destinations of 2011. Here's why: "The country is rich in history and culture and offers plenty of options for the active traveler as well. I recommend trekking the Simien Mountains, where you'll encounter packs of rock climbing baboons en route to the medieval fortress of Gondar or make the journey to Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile." That's a great rundown of some of Ethiopia's highlights! For more ideas on what to do in Ethiopia, see 5 Reasons to Get an Ethiopian Visa. If you're an American citizen, you do need a visa to enter Ethiopia. Technically, you can get one when you arrive at the airport. However, the US Department of


5 Reasons to Get an Ethiopian Visa

November 28th, 2010
The cradle of humanity and a biodiversity hot spot, Ethiopia is one of the most exciting African countries to visit. Need some inspiration for your next adventure? Here are 5 reasons to apply for an Ethiopian visa: Lalibela: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this town is justly famous for its many churches carved out of the surrounding mountains. It is considered one of Ethiopia's holiest cities and was once the country's capital. Safaris: Ethiopia is one of the best places to take a safari tour and see African animals that most Americans never see outside of a zoo, like lions, zebras, baboons, ibex...the list goes on and on, really. The type of animals that you're likely to see depends on which of Ethiopia's parks or wildlife preserves you visit. Nechisar National Park features grassl


Ethiopian Visa Requirements to Visit the Mysterious Ruins of Tiya

September 3rd, 2010
In the wild grasslands of Southern Ethiopia, imposing stone monuments mark the site of an ancient burial ground, this week's featured UNESCO World Heritage site. The monuments at Tiya in Ethiopia consist of 32 large slabs of stone called stelae. The stones are etched with swords and other symbols. Who built this place? Nobody knows-according to UNESCO, "They are the remains of an ancient Ethiopian culture whose age has not yet been precisely determined." Other nearby sites of interest include Hera Shetan crater lake and a formation of naturally ordered stone blocks at nearby Agesoke. American citizens traveling to Ethiopia need passports and an Ethiopian visa. If you're flying in through Bole International Airport, you may attempt to get an Ethiopian visa upon arrival. But consider


Get an Ethiopian Visa to Visit the Ancient City of Aksum

June 27th, 2010
Beginning around 400 BC, a new power emerged in Ethiopia, based in the city of Aksum. Over time, the new kingdom took over territory and valuable trade routes from the nearby Kingdom of Kush, eventually becoming one of the most important and powerful kingdoms in the entire world. The Kingdom of Aksum converted to Christianity early, and local legend states that the city was also the home of the biblical Queen of Sheba and the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.  The Axumites also developed their own language and their own style of architecture, including impressive obelisks. Today, Aksum is much smaller, but you can still see the remains of the old city. There are ancient castles, royal tombs and towering obelisks. The Obelisk of Axum was recently returned to Ethiopia fr


Ethiopian Visa Requirements for Tourists

March 26th, 2010
Ethiopia offers a variety of advantages to tourists, including a friendly, welcoming culture, a fascinating history and a host of unforgettable destinations.  Oh, and did I mention that they have some of the best coffee in the world? Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and the country's cafe culture rivals that of Europe. If you are going sight-seeing in Ethiopia  consider hiring a driver to take you around the countryside. According to, this is the best way to experience the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the local people. Enjoy your trip, but make sure that you have all of the appropriate documents in hand before you leave.  American citizens traveling to Ethiopia need more than just passports.  You will also need an Ethiopian visa, even if you are just goi


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