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Coming Soon: India Visas on Arrival?

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Heading to India? Indian visa regulations are changing.  Here’s what you need to know to plan your trip:

New Indian Visa Rules

Last month, the Indian government announced that they plan to expand the country’s visa-on-arrival program. Currently, only citizens of 11 lucky countries are eligible for visas on arrival. Those countries are: Japan, Singapore, Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand , Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia.

One country missing from that list: The United States.  US citizens are required to apply in advance for an Indian visa, even for short tourist stays. However, times are changing and the Indian government is trying to make it easier for tourists to visit.

Indian Visa On Arrival Details

Once the new rules are in effect, US citizens planning to visit India as tourists will be able to obtain a visa on arrival when they fly into one of the following nine airports:

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Hyderabad
  • Goa
  • Trivandrum

To save time at the airport, tourists will also have the option of filling out the paperwork and paying the fee online before their trip, and then picking up the visa when they arrive in India.

According to the Times of India, Indian visas on arrival will be single-entry and valid for 30 days.

But don’t pack your bags without a visa in hand yet…this change won’t happen overnight. Planning minister Rajiv Shukla told the Times of India:

“We have decided to extend visa-on-arrival to tourists from 180 nations. It will take 5-6 months to put the infrastructure in place. We hope to implement this from the next tourist session beginning October.”

Who Still Needs to Apply in Advance?

Not everyone traveling to India will be able to take advantage of visas on arrival. If you’re going for reasons other than simply tourism or you plan to stay for extended amounts of time, you may still need to apply in advance.   A visa expediter can review your itinerary and make sure you have all the documents you need before you depart.

The details of India’s visa on arrival program may change as we get closer to October, so be sure to check back for updates and the most current information!

Get a Cambodian Visa to Visit Banteay Srei

Friday, March 18th, 2011

If Angkor Wat is the symbol of Cambodia, Banteay Srei is its hidden jewel. Though it’s located off the beaten path, it’s still fairly easy to get to from Siem Reap.

This tiny temple was built in the 10th century AD. Built of red sandstone, it is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

Part of the attraction of Angkor Wat is its scale: there’s something sublime walking through the immense ruins, half reclaimed by the jungle. But Banteay Srei is proof that good things can come in small packages, too. Asia for Visitors calls Banteay Srei “perhaps the most intricately carved and beautiful of the temples.” Gods and goddesses adorn the temple’s red sandstone walls, all rendered in exquisitely detailed relief.

Tourism of Cambodia gives this rather fanciful description of the site:

“Banteay Srei is an exquisite miniature; a fairy palace in the heart of an immense and mysterious forest; the very thing that Grimm delighted to imagine, and that every child’s heart has yearned after, but which mature years has sadly proved too lovely to be true. And here it is, in the Cambodian forest at Banteay Srei, carved not out of the stuff that dreams are made of, but of solid sandstone.”

To enter Cambodia and see the temple, you’ll need a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date you arrive. Check the expiration date and apply for a passport renewal if necessary.

You’ll also need a Cambodian visa. You can apply for your visa online, at the Cambodian Embassy in Washington, DC or get one when you arrive. For more information on what you’ll need, see Cambodian Visa Requirements for Tourists.

If you decide you want to get your visa in advance, RushMyTravelVisa can help. We’ll research your itinerary to make sure you know exactly what you need for your journey. Then, we’ll help you with the paperwork and expedite your visa for the fastest possible processing.

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Yellow Fever Vaccinations and Travel Visas

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

If you’re traveling overseas to a country that requires visas for US citizens, you may need to make a doctor’s appointment before applying for your travel visa. That’s because some countries require that you submit proof you’ve been vaccinated for yellow fever along with your visa application. In the US, we don’t routinely get vaccinated for yellow fever, so unless you’ve already been to a country that requires visitors to be vaccinated, you are highly unlikely to have had the shot.

What is yellow fever, anyway? Found in the tropics, it’s a hemorrhagic fever spread by mosquitoes.  The virus basically causes flu-like symptoms (fever, nausea, vomiting and pain), and if you’re lucky, that’s all you’ll experience. If you’re not lucky, however, instead of shaking it off you’ll enter the “toxic” stage of the disease, which can result in liver failure and, in about 20% of cases, death.

There is no cure for yellow fever: treatment is based on easing symptoms. According to the World Health Organization, that means that “Vaccination is the single most important preventive measure against yellow fever. The vaccine is safe, affordable and highly effective, and appears to provide protection for 30–35 years or more. The vaccine provides effective immunity within one week for 95% of persons vaccinated.”

Because vaccination is the only real way to combat yellow fever, some countries require you to submit proof that you’ve been vaccinated before you can get a travel visa. Once you get your yellow fever vaccination, you’ll get a document called an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. This is good for 10 years, and you may need to submit a copy with your visa paperwork, carry it with you when you enter, or both.

To see if you’ll need to turn yourself into a pincushion before you travel, look up the country you’ll be visiting on this handy list provided by the CDC.

For more travel visa help, contact RushMyTravelVisa.

Bolivian Visa Requirements to Walk With Mountain Lions

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a mountain lion? How about a jaguar? Volunteer at Bolivia’s Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY), and you can make friends with monkeys, big cats, parrots and other exotic animals.

CIWY is an organization that rescues wild animals from the black market. Often, these animals have been abused or neglected. While many of the smaller animals are allowed to live free in one of the organizations 3 parks, the jaguars, pumas and ocelots cannot be released. Instead, CIWY keeps them caged when they are unsupervised, but allows them to spend most of the day walking through trails in the jungle, accompanied by volunteers. That’s where you come in.

As a volunteer, you’re usually assigned one specific animal to work with for the duration of your stay. If it’s a cat, you’ll spend most of the day holding one end of a long leash, walking it through the jungle, perhaps taking it for a swim in the river. Of course, there’s always a risk of serious injury, whether intentional or unintentional on the part of the cat. At the same time, it’s certainly an experience you’ll never forget. (h/t Trazzler).

To visit Bolivia, you’ll need a current US passport with at least 6 months remaining before the expiration date, and a Bolivian visa. You can get a visa before you leave the US, at the airport when you arrive or at official land border crossings.

Bolivian visas cost $135, and you must pay in cash if you decide to apply for one on arrival.

Here’s what you’ll need to apply for a Bolivian tourist visa:

  • One Bolivian visa application form.
  • Your passport
  • 1 passport-sized photo, 4 by 4 centimeters in size.
  • A hotel confirmation or letter of invitation from someone in Bolivia.
  • Your round-trip plane ticket. If you aren’t flying, include a written statement saying when you plan to enter and leave Bolivia instead.
  • A copy of a bank statement or credit card statement.
  • An International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever.

If you’d prefer to get the visa process out of the way before you leave, RushMyTravelVisa can help. We’ll assist you with the paperwork and expedite your visa for the fastest possible processing.

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    Get a Chinese Visa To Stay at Tibet’s Newest Luxury Resort

    Friday, October 1st, 2010

    Tibet isn’t really known for luxury travel, but that may be about to change when Starwood Hotels opens its new St. Regis Lhasa Resort in Lhasa, Tibet on November 15th. (via InTransit)

    According to, the resort will overlook the historic and holy Potala Palace, where the Dalai Lama lived before fleeing into exile in India. Amenities will include an Iridium Spa with a gold-leaf immersion pool, ballroom, plasma TVs, a Meditation Garden and three restaurants. A butler will also be on hand to wait on guests, assist them with altitude sickness and act as a concierge.

    Qian Jin, Senior Vice President of Operations, China & Taiwan, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, told

    “Lhasa is truly one of the world’s most fascinating destinations; the rich culture and spiritual history make it quite captivating to our global St. Regis guests. The St. Regis Lhasa Resort will undoubtedly be heralded as one of the most extraordinary luxury resorts not only in Asia, but in the entire world.”

    To visit the new hotel, you’ll need a valid passport and the appropriate Chinese visa. If you’re traveling as a tourist, you’ll need a Chinese tourist visa, also known as an “L” visa. See Chinese Visa Requirements for Tourists for details.

    If you’re traveling as a business traveler, you’ll need a business visa. See Chinese Visa Requirements for a Business Trip for more information.

    You will definitely need to apply for your visa before you leave the US, as Chinese visas cannot be issued on arrival. The US Department of State notes that special permits are required to visit Tibet, and even then you will be restricted from visiting certain areas. As you’re planning your trip, it’s a good idea to contact the Chinese embassy for more details.

    RushMyTravelVisa can assist you with your Chinese visa application, as well as any other visas required for your journey. We walk you through the application process to save time and prevent frustration, and expedite your application for the fastest possible processing.

    Apply for your Chinese visa today!

    Egyptian Visa Requirements to Visit the Valley of the Whales

    Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

    65 million years ago, the Mediterranean sea was larger, and its coastline was located much further south than it is today.  These warm waters and ancient mangrove forests were ruled by Basilosaurus, giant 60-foot-long sea mammals that were the ancestors of today’s whales and dolphins.

    The sea retreated, and eventually the ocean floor turned into the Egyptian desert. However, the skeletons of many of the great beasts were preserved as fossils.  In the Valley of the Whales, this week’s featured UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can walk on what was once an ancient seabed, and see the fossilized remains of Flipper’s oldest relatives (h/t Bootsnall.) The fossils are the earliest known record of the whale family- some of them even still have the remnants of legs!

    The Valley of the Whales was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. According to the UNESCO Web site, it was selected because:

    “Wadi Al-Hitan is the most important site in the world to demonstrate one of the iconic changes that make up the record of life on Earth: the evolution of the whales. It portrays vividly their form and mode of life during their transition from land animals to a marine existence.”

    To visit Egypt and see the Valley of the Whales, you do need an Egyptian visa. If you are entering by land, you need to have your visa in hand ahead of time. If you are flying in, you should be able to get a visa on arrival-although if you apply for one in advance, you’ll make it out of the airport much more quickly.

    To get an Egyptian visa, you need the following:

    • A valid US passport.
    • A separate passport photo.
    • Plane tickets or a copy of your itinerary
    • A completed Egyptian visa application.

    RushMyPassport can make getting your Egyptian visa ahead of time faster and easier. We’ll help you with the application and personally deliver it to the appropriate Egyptian embassy or consulate for the fastest possible service.

    Apply for your Egyptian visa today!

    How to Get a Venezuelan Business Visa

    Friday, March 12th, 2010

    If you are planning to take a business trip to Venezuela, one of the first items on your to-do list should be applying for the appropriate travel documents.  An American citizen traveling to Venezuela on business is required to carry a US passport, of course, but will also need a Venezuelan business visa.

    Unlike tourists, who can apply for a Venezuelan tourist card on arrival, business travelers must apply for a visa in advance.  Here’s what you will need:

    • Your US passport, which must have at least 6 months of validity remaining before it expires.  This is important-Venezuela has refused entry to Americans with passports due to expire in  less than 6 months. Also, make sure your passport is in good condition-if it is worn or damaged, you should get it replaced to make sure that you aren’t turned away when you try to enter Venezuela.
    • 1 completed Venezuela visa application form
    • 2 passport-sized photos of yourself
    • A photocopy of your  round-trip  itinerary
    • A business letter of responsibility  from the company in America that is sending you to Venezuela.

    The letter from your company must state your position in the company, the purpose of your visit to Venezuela, the name and address of your Venezuelan contact and how long you plan to remain the country.  In the letter, your company must also promise to take financial responsibility for you while you are in Venezuela.

    Also, if you own your own business, you will be required to show proof of ownership to get your business visa.  Venezuelan business visas cost $60 and are good for 1 year for stays of up to 180 days at a time.

    No matter where you’re going, RushMyTravelVisa can make applying for the appropriate visas fast and painless. We review your itinerary and research the visa requirements for each country you enter, to make sure you are never caught off guard. Then, we help you fill out the application s and gather the necessary documents and submit your paperwork to the appropriate embassy or consulate for the fastest processing available.

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    Welcome To the RushMyTravelVisa Blog!

    Monday, August 31st, 2009

    Welcome to the RushMyTravelVisa blog! In our posts, we’ll provide you with helpful information about the process of getting a travel visa, along with profiles of exciting international destinations. Check back soon!