Home-stay Letter from Friends or Family

The Home-stay letter is from the Host in the country you are traveling to if you intend on staying with a friend or family during your visit. It will need to be typed, printed, signed, and emailed to print and include with your Visa paperwork.

You will generally need a copy of the inviter's ID, and if possible, their passport picture / Signature page as well. If the inviter is not a citizen of the country you are traveling to, you will need to have them send you a copy of their document showing their legal status in the country (i.e. A Visa or Green-card equivalent).

To: Consulate General of (country) (or To: The Embassy of (country))
RE: Visa Application
Date: _______________________


I am (Inviter’s name, date of birth, gender). I am inviting (traveler’s name, date of birth, gender), who is my (relationship), to visit at my home , located at (full inviter’s address, including city, state, country and zip code). My contact number is (inviter’s phone #). (Traveler) will be coming to (country) for Business/Tourist purposes. They are planning on traveling from (entry date) and returning on (returning date). We are requesting a ___ year/month Multiple Entry/Single Entry Tourist Visa.



(Print Name)

(Include copy of inviter’s passport picture page/signature page, and copy of ID)