Business Validity Request Letter Template

A Business Validity Request is a personal letter explaining that your travel is for business purposes. This letter should be typed by the traveler and must be written in the first person. It should include the following:

  • Who you are (Name, Date of Birth, Gender)
  • When you are traveling
  • Where you are going
  • Who you are doing business with (name, address, contact information)
  • Explicitly state the type and length of the visa you are requesting

Make sure the details (ie. Travel Dates, type and length of requested visa) in all the letters (Local Business, Validity Request, and the Host Invite) and the information in the Visa Application all match.

To: Consulate General of (country) (or To: The Embassy of (country))
RE: Visa Application
Date: _______________________


My name is (client name) (Male/Female, date of birth ) and I am currently employed in the position of (job title) for (local US company name), located (local business address). While in (country) I plan to visit with (host company name) , located (address of host company) for the purpose of (specific purpose of trip). The contact in (country) is (host contact name) and their direct phone number is (host contact number).

I will need to travel to (country) on (entry Date) and will be leaving (return date). I [for longer term visas:)] (will need to return in the coming years for similar purposes and) am requesting a _____ year/month Multiple Entry Business Visa.



(Print Name)