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Getting a Qatar Tourist Visa

by admin | November 6th, 2009

Tourism is a growing industry in Qatar, a wealthy, oil-rich nation in the Middle East.  According to the Qatari Embassy website,  the development of more tourist facilities was prompted by “the firm policy adopted by HH the Emir, HH the Heir Apparent and the government to open up to the outside world.”

Qatar’s attractions include spectacular markets, interesting historical sites, and Khor Al Udeid. Also known as the Inland Sea, Khor Al Udeid is a spectacular field of white towering sand dunes that surrounds a channel ending in an inland lake.  There is no road  that leads to Khor Al Udeid, so you’ll have to arrange a tour in an off-road vehicle.

To enter Qatar, US citizens need both a passport and a Qatar visa.  If you enter Qatar through the airport (which all tourists are required to do), you can purchase a visa upon arrival.

However, applying for your Qatar visa ahead of time may be the better choice.  According to the US Department of State’s website, “U.S.-citizen travelers will be able to clear Qatari immigration more quickly and be granted a longer stay in country by obtaining visas prior to arrival.”

Whether you decide to apply in advance or to wait around and get your visa when you arrive, you will need the following documents to apply for a Qatar visa:

  • One Qatar visa application form
  • Two passport photos
  • A copy of your airline tickets showing return or onward travel (you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay in Qatar)
  • A letter stating the reason for your visit.
  • 2 copies of the identification pages of y0ur passport. can help you obtain a Qatar visa in the US. We make applying for a visa easy by helping you with the paperwork and submitting your application for you the fastest possible processing.

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